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Adapt or Die

“… In the past five years, U.S. newspapers have eliminated almost 40,000 jobs, or more than 11% of total industry employment, according to Paper Cuts, the recognized industry source on newspaper layoffs and consolidations.” With this startling news published in the Huffington Post earlier in August, maybe it is time to think critically about industry reinvention?

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Rambling on Gas

As my total ticked up at the pump, a nervous laugh escaped my lips. This rinky dink, ramshackle gas station thought they were going to get me, a red-blooded American, to pay $80 US to fill an 11-gallon tank. Then the nervous laugh melted into a humbling realization. Most of the civilized world pays more […]

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My American Dream Goes Abroad

“Home is what you make it,” I thought optimistically as we opened the door to our new apartment. Then the pink molding around the doors stared back at me. Lord almighty, this was going to take some getting used to. Two years ago, my husband and I left the friendly neighborhoods of Sparks to chase […]

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Occupy Grenada

The people are coming out in force. Every beach and every street corner are being occupied by Grenadians who want economic change. Some sell spice necklaces, others offer to braid hair and still more make beautiful hats out of old, discarded coconut leaves. “Would you like a hat today?” they ask with anticipation. “Look at […]

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