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Written By: admin - Sep• 19•12

Announcement everyone!
In addition to my love of journalism and social media, I am also a closet granola cruncher. Yes, my online friends, I am a tree-hugging, yoga-practicing certified fitness trainer. And it is time to blog about it.
Why make this revelation on my journalism-themed blog? Because recently I have realized that I talk the talk as far as social media engagement is concerned. But friends, I do not walk the walk.
As a freelance consultant, I advise others how to beef up their online presence by following two simple rules: communicate and engage.
I find ways to reach out to your readers and consumers in an online world through the principles of relationships-based communication.
But developing a relationship requires a little vulnerability on your part. He who wants to receive trust must also give of himself.
OK, I give. People don’t like to be preached at as far as government policy, journalism best practices and theory. Frankly, I might be the only person in the universe who gets a rush talking about these topics. There is a lot more to me than just journalism (although some may wonder).
So I am diversifying the blog, applying the advice I give to so many others and putting myself out there.
Content will now include the fitness tips and tricks of the laziest exerciser in the world. It will also take a more conversational tone. If you want to make a friend, every so often you have to talk about what interests them. If there is a fitness, social media or other topic you want me to research and post on, let me know. I am just curious enough to tackle anything.

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