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Small Business isn’t leveraging social media like it should

My day-to-day is filled with managing social media for small businesses, helping growing companies keep in constant contact with their customer base. Seeing what I have, this recent study by Vertical Response, an email communications provider, didn’t surprise me. Small businesses aren’t leveraging social media the way they could be, mostly because the owners just […]

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An infographic on infographics

I gotta say that The Content Strategist is one of my favorite industry blogs to follow. Today, they released this gem on the prevalence and effectiveness of infographics. Unfortunately, people just don’t like to read anymore. We are the generation of quicky information and scattershot self-education. Sigh. But since I know you are busy and don’t want […]

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TGIF Means ‘Like’ this page, duh

How many exclamations of TGIF appeared on your news feed this morning? Better yet, how many of those “TGIFs” were attached to random pictures of cute puppy dogs and celebrating clip art people? Hmmmmmm? If you think that social marketing has reached a gimmicky low, you’ll get more than a few laughs by following Condescending Corporate Brand Page. In […]

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Really? You follow that?

I am taking a little break from in-depth media analysis to publish the lighter side of communication trends. Don’t worry, those raging diatribes about the future of hyperlocal news will be back soon. In the meantime, check out what people are saying on Twitter in your corner of the world. gave some interesting insight into […]

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What do you look like online?

This handy little app is just made my day and I had to share. We spread ourselves kinda thin over the internet. We Tweet our followers, Facebook our friends, blog our details, Foursquare our locations, Pin fun ideas, Instagram what we see, “LinkIn” to colleagues and Tumblr all the rest. It’s slightly exhausting. Well stuff […]

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Facebooking your problems

In the shade of a schoolhouse porch in the poorest neighborhood in Grenada, I asked an invisible child if he knew who Joseph Kony was. His big, brown eyes looked at me like I was crazy before he said, “Um, no miss.” Then, the serious business of jumping rope quickly continued. A few days a […]

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