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A little boy and a Great War

One of Redland’s most interesting stories lies tucked behind the shrine of Abraham Lincoln. Remember the post about the Lincoln Shrine (the largest tribute to the man west of the Mississippi)? Its existence began as a monument to a parent’s World War I heartbreak. After making a fortune in oil and settling in Redlands, Alma […]

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NAA: Smart is the New Sexy

Oh, there are some thoughts a comin’ your way on this one!   This is the newest ad campaign from the Newspaper Association of America. Being in Grenada and all, it was a little outside our meager budget for me to call up Caroline Little for a phone interview. So you’ll have to just read […]

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The People Want Print (Sometimes)

I could pour over the pages of this Pew research study for days. While combing through I stumbled on a little nuget that made this community reporter exclaim: Validation!   According to Pew, print newspapers are still how people learn about their local community. In this fun little interactive graphic, my beloved newspaper went mano-a-mano […]

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