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What didn’t make it into that MLK story

Written By: admin - Jan• 08•15

It’s kinda fun being an armchair expert on a subject for a day. At least, I enjoy learning new things and trying to make myself as knowledgable as possible before I write a story.

This simple preview of local Martin Luther King Jr. day events was no exception.

Here’s a few “Did ya knows” that didn’t make it into the story:

  • In Idaho it’s not just Martin Luther King Jr. day. It’s Civil Rights Day. Schools have the opportunity to address either or both.
  • Walking down the street in Idaho, you have less than a 0.08 percent chance of seeing someone who is black. That means that (outside of ISU) about 400 African Americans call Pocatello home.
  •  The local NAACP has marched through Pocatello on Martin Luther King Jr. day for the past several years, remaking the famous August 1968 March on Washington with only a handful of people.
  • Their march is both important and courageous. Idaho is home to about nine active Aryan Nations hate groups and the Northwest region is a hot bed for skinhead, Neo-Nazi and other extremist groups with 28 different groups active across the region.

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