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Superman Quits Daily Planet

Written By: admin - Oct• 24•12

My hero has evolved.

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a journalist simply because of Superman. Now, my childhood hero has decided to storm out of The Daily Planet in a rage, decrying noble journalism’s downward spiral into entertainment fluff. Comic book writers say Kent plans to captain the next big internet startup a la HuffPo.

The latest installment of the comic book hits the shelves today. For those who read the comic books religiously, this is not a big deal. Over his decades in comic book ink, Clark Kent has tried out TV broadcasting among other crazy ways to make a living.

For those who don’t follow the comic book, this plot twist is fascinating to journalists.

Finally! The evolution of our industry is being represented in iconic pop culture. Reporters used to have the coolest job in hollywood. Lois Lane? April O’Neil? These women were just cool to a kid. They were in the middle of the action, digging up the dirt and defending truth, justice and the American way. I must admit, all that hoopla seemed pretty exciting as a 10-year-old girl. Now, after achieving the coveted title of “journalist” the realities of newsprint reporting are worlds apart from fiction.

I still love the industry and I am just as passionate about journalism as I was at 10. But maybe my dreams would have been a little different if Clark Kent had left to start the next HufPo a generation sooner …

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  1. Laura says:

    It is nice to have the reality of today shown. I, as a young girl, dreamed of going back in time and living in Ancient Rome during the height of the empire. The art has always sparked my imagination on what life was like in those days. I had considered a career as an archaeologist but decided against it when told the reality of it’s all digging and hardly any finding. My favorite comic book: Spiderman. Just a normal (okay, awkward) guy with a special gift and a willingness to help others.
    You are an excellent journalist.

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