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What Debate 3 Said Loudest

Written By: admin - Oct• 22•12

The buzzwords from tonights debate might have been “Horses and Bayonets” and “Battleship.” But the real word winners according to the stats are “World”, “Going”, “Governor” and “Make sure.”

Strange bedfellows you might say?

There is this nifty tool called a Wordle that depticts the number of times certain words appear in text. The bigger the word, the more times it appears. Here are the Wordles of Romney, Obama and Mr. Schieffer (why not) in graphical form.

The biggest word of the night from the entire transcript? “Going.” Hmmmm. Future tense might mean both are rather optimistic.

Enjoy yet another post-debate breakdown.

*Sorry they are so small. If you click on them, it will take you to the original website where they get bigger.

What President Obama Said:

Wordle: Obama Debate #3

What Governor Romney Said:

Wordle: Romney Debate 3

What Bob Said:

Wordle: Schaifer Debate 3

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