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The Battle of the Organizer Agrigators

Written By: admin - Sep• 17•12

A few months ago I installed Mingly, a Chrome extension that is supposed to streamline your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn info all into one e-mail widget. Nice idea huh?

Epic fail.

The little bug doesn’t like Gmail and crashed my inbox frequently. It also didn’t give me much more than access to messages in those three communications platforms. Maybe a birthday reminder here and there, but always a day late. In the instant world of social media information, minutes late is unacceptable.

So let’s try a new one here. Sunrise claims to do the same thing, aggregate all your appointments into one daily time budget delivered to your inbox every morning. Twitter isn’t part of the equation on this one.

So since it’s free, I signed up. For those who set up appointments on lots of different platforms, the service is great. But I generally copy all my appointments into Google Calendar anyway when I make them. The program also isn’t a Chrome extension, meaning my e-mail hasn’t crashed in days. Hallelujah!

What do you think? Is this program only for the scatter brained, or might it make a splash?

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