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People Make The Most Amazing Stories

Written By: admin - Oct• 20•11

Behind every good story, there is always an interesting person.

Recently in my work on a story about an after school program for kids on the rough side of town, I met Ann Hopkin.

Ann is a Grenada native who left the island as a young woman to chase a career in nursing. After earning her bachelor’s degree in New York and her master’s degree in Great Britain, she led the life of a nurse for many, many years.

Then, in 2002, she thought she would retire in her home country. One walk through the Limes neighborhood and Ann knew that retirement would be a farcical idea.

When she saw large groups of kids just playing in the field, she started an after school program for them. Almost 10 years later, that after school program is being run by the Significant Others (SO) Organization at St. George’s University.

As her age stretches into the mid 70s, Ann now builds houses for the homeless, give wheelchairs to the invalid and gives basic medical care to those who can’t even afford a clean meal. There is a lot of poverty in Grenada and this woman seems to want to change that.

Here is a little taste of the interesting interview I had with Ann. Just click play. Beware, the audio is on a repeat loop, so when you start hearing the same things again, click the mute button at the top left. It’s just a glitch in the Plugin.

Anne Hopkin Interview Preview
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