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Written By: admin - Aug• 01•11

“Lend me your ear and I will lend you my voice”

In today’s world we are faced with a cacophony of sounds. Your java-fueled journalist’s sensory organs were most likely hit with at least 10 different blips and clips of information before even clicking to this page.

Let me sum up the morning:

A quick scan of the world’s news on a few of the bigger network sites. Check.

Let’s look at my friend’s status updates for today. Scroll, peruse, done.

Somewhere near your keyboard is the iPhone or BlackBerry you have used to send quick responses to immediate e-mails. But hey, since you are at the desktop, why not check the ol’ inbox anyway. Somewhere in the background, the local news explains in serious tones the latest armed robbery. You catch about every other word.

Do I paint an accurate picture, or do I exaggerate?

So why, in the midst of this lunatic life we call modern professionalism, would you be reading this blog? I can give you three good reasons.

First, you want to hire me. If so, please see the resumé link at the top of this page and never hesitate to give me a call.

Second, you might be a curious friend, or friend of a friend, just seeing what this woman is all about.

Finally, and hopefully, you are interested in in-depth and thoughtful commentary on modern-day media both in the U.S. and across the globe. An even greater hope is that you are interested in adding your voice to the conversation on journalism’s wobbling industry.

When was the last time you participated in such a conversation? Was it a satisfying experience or were you just more upset with modern journalism than you were before?

With all of the voices bombarding us on a daily basis demanding rapid-fire responses, there is incalculable worth in sitting back, quietly sipping a cup of coffee, leafing through a newspaper and asking ourselves, “what can we do better?”


It is better to read a little and ponder a lot than to read a lot and ponder a little

Denis Parsons Burkitt

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